Parker Dewey Case Study

Parker Dewey Case Study


Parker Dewey offers the largest network of highly motivated college students and recent graduates who are excited to complete short-term, paid, professional assignments. While executing these Micro-Internships, Career Launchers demonstrate their skills and grit, and exceed expectations as they seek the right full-time role or internship.

Not only do professionals get immediate support, Micro-Internships also help companies identify and evaluate prospective job candidates for internships or full-time needs when they arise. As a result, organizations improve hiring effectiveness, enhance diversity, and drive retention.


Parker Dewey didn't really have a sales team before Sales Empowerment Group (SEG). They experienced a lot of inbound traffic through marketing efforts, which was great, but when it came to direct outbound sales, their Founder and CEO (Jeffrey Moss) was doing a lot of the outreach.

 Moss had brought in some temporary SDR help, but it wasn't the level of consistency they were looking for in terms of messaging or number of quality meetings set. Also, when it came to sales leadership, there was no one for the sales reps to report to other than Jeffrey.

“How do we build up a sales team that’s driving more direct awareness with targeted prospect populations and doing it with a level of consistency that I can not do by myself,” Jeffrey Moss said. “And also put in place processes necessary to make sure that we can scale that."


Parker Dewey turned to Sales Empowerment Group to hire, train, and manage 4 BDRs.

Interesting thing to note, there’s a business similarity between us (Sales Empowerment Group) and Parker Dewey:

  • Sales Empowerment Group will hire recent college graduates to place in the BDR role for our clients.
  • Parker Dewey also works with recent college graduates, connecting them with assignments that often lead to full-time positions with their clients.
  • Both of us have a “Farm System” model, meaning there was always the option for Parker Dewey to use their own platform to fill the BDR/SDR role.

So, why go with Sales Empowerment Group?

“To be blunt, we could have used our own platform, which other companies are actually using to build their SDR pipelines,” Moss said. “But those companies already have the training and onboarding and process. If finding talent was all we were trying to do, we would have done it [with our platform]. But what we needed was onboarding, and the training, and the development, and the coaching. As a rapidly growing organization, we just didn't have the resources to do all of that, to support and build the best practices for a rapidly growing sales team.”

Moss decided to go with Sales Empowerment Group because of their 10+ years of experience in this space.

“It was more cost effective,” Moss said, “and, beyond the cost effective, you guys are just better at it. All you do is train up SDRs and manage them. That is your expertise.”


All 4 BDRs consistently hit their monthly meeting targets. The ramp up time was super fast too with all 4 BDRs hitting their meeting target in their first full month!

Heather (one of SEG's managers) gave ongoing one-on-one coaching, support, and mentoring to the BDRs. She listened to their calls, gave feedback. There were no barriers of communication, the reps were fully part of Parker Dewey's team.

"The BDRs were included from day one in our weekly Monday team meetings," Moss said. "We tried to make sure they were a full fledged part of the team from day one."

 The meetings set led to major opportunities and an increase in closed business. The BDRs also started running their own sales calls.

"Built so much confidence in all four of them running the meetings on their own," Moss said. "They became extremely independent as soon as they started doing that and realizing, 'Hey, I'm capable of doing this by myself.' That helped them learn a lot more about our community as well."

Best of all - All 4 BDRs were hired away by Parker Dewey.

The goal was never just a quick fix to set new meetings. Parker Dewey was building for the future and successfully launched their sales team through the BDR incubation program at Sales Empowerment Group. 

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