Sales Benchmark Index Case Study

Sales Benchmark Index Case Study


SBI and SEG partnership: SBI is a management consulting firm that specializes in improving the Go-to-Market of enterprise B2B companies to enable them to grow revenue faster than their peers.  SBI works alongside Private Equity Firms to help them assess, build, and sell their portfolio companies. SBI’s primary buyer for it services is the chief executive officer (CEO) and for larger companies the chief revenue officer (CRO) or chief marketing officer (CMO).

Solution: SBI hired SEG to accelerate a revamped Account Based Marketing strategy.  They hired a senior Business Development Representative from SEG to be the primary focus of engagement for early stage buyers who had consumed SBI content or responded to SBI marketing initiatives.  After 6 months SBI was so impressed with the SEG resource that they hired her away (SEG’s Sales Incubation Program). 


Outcome: SBI was able to enhance their go-to-market strategy with an experienced, senior, highly accomplished, strategic marketing resource from SEG. She developed so quickly into a highly polished resource who could interact with chief executive officers of billion dollar companies and represent the complex SBI consulting solution with skill and ease. 


Mike Drapeau, chief marketing officer of SBI at the time and founding partner, had this to say about SEG: “SEG hires, trained and added a key addition to our team. We received value from her almost right away and she continued to become an Intercal part of our team month over month until we had to have her as an employee.  SEG’s program allowed us to Secure new meetings with buying personas from enterprise companies, probably the most difficult task in marketing today. I would highly recommend SEG if you are looking to outsource early stage lead generation.”

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