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A pioneer of video personalization, SundaySky helps companies of all sizes use video for personalized experiences and transformational customer engagement.



As part of a major strategy shift, SundaySky transitioned its GTM approach to a high-velocity demand generation program. Previous attempts to build and manage an in- house BDR team saw few results. SundaySky needed a partner to train and manage inside sales reps on how to set qualified meetings with high-level marketing personas. Discovering the right way to deliver succinct messaging over the phone, Linkedln, video, and emails also became a major need to drive revenue growth.



SEG underwent an intensive training process to fully understand SundaySky's market value and competitive advantages. Role plays, call reviews, and scripting with SEG allowed the reps to hit the ground running as SundaySky Video Advisors within 6 weeks. We started with 3 outsourced BDR’s and quickly added another to the team after continued success. In SEG's first year with SundaySky, our BDR meetings accounted for $1.3 million in revenue (landing major retailers as customers) and generated 50% of all new opportunities.


At a Glance


  • Qualified pipeline
  • BDR team recruiting, training, and management



  • $36K HR annual cost savings per BDR
  • 4x ROI
  • 47% of all new deals came from SEG BDRs
  • $1.3 million in driven revenue


Why SEG, In Their Own Words:


Mastering the fundamentals

“SEG is head and shoulders above any of the other outsourced BDR partners. They do a much better job than we could in-house at the key functions that are required to successfully execute a BDR function.”


Flexible and scalable

“We have a lot of flexibility around hiring and expanding the team, which we've done. The SEG model is like an accordion, you can throttle up and back, as much as you want, whenever you want.”



“We love working with SEG! Our team went to battle for us and yielded incredible results. SEG is truly a strategic partner." - Mark Tack, CMO


“We look at SEG as an extension of SundaySky. The BDR team will be the driving force behind SundaySky’s success in 2023.” - Dan Sylvester, VP of Sales

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