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Vivante Health


Vivante Health is an innovative digital health company reinventing the way chronic conditions are managed, gut first. Their program brings significant cost savings for health plans and self-insured employers. Vivante Health is headquartered in Houston, Texas. 


Like most digital healthcare companies, Vivante is B2B and their market is large self-funded employers. Vivante's sales goal was to build an acquisition channel that would provide a predictable flow of new leads. This is difficult as an early-stage company without tons of brand awareness. Vivante ultimately wanted to increase their outbound efforts and test different messaging, find what resonated most with new leads.


Vivante turned to Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) to source two BDRs. The BDRs worked at SEG and were managed by one of SEG’s managers. SEG was responsible for training, coaching, and rep development as well as administrative tasks like employment questions – days off, PTO usage, etc.

Even with his BDRs physically working at SEG, Grady White (Chief Growth Officer) still had a direct line of communication.

“I had a direct line of communication to them as well via Slack,” White said. “The reps were always super responsive, and I could always connect with them quickly. It's kind of like they had a dotted line to me and a straight line to their SEG Manager. One of the value adds of SEG is that day to day management, while you're still figuring out if they're going to be a good long term fit the company.”


The BDRs set 140 appointments over the course of 18 months.

“SEG's combination of recruiting sales talent, providing excellent training resources and sales management, and providing a culture for these individuals to thrive in is something that cannot be found elsewhere. We now extended our relationship to include marketing consulting as another layer of our trust and confidence in the relationship and it’s future success.”

Vivante just hired one of the reps full-time after a year and a half at SEG. Both BDRs were very strong, responsive, and had a desire to get better.

“On referral calls, I always say it's three things SEG does. It's sourcing, training, and managing. All three of those things take time. So SEG, I think really focuses on the first two, and it's super helpful, especially when you're trying to onboard these people who are earlier in their career and just need time and attention and development. And I think SEG does that really well. Then the third piece, management, SEG does a good job there too. But obviously the system is to find, train, and eventually hire them. I think that’s what SEG does a really great job of that. So if that's what companies are looking for, I would highly recommend SEG.”

- Grady White, Chief Growth Officer at Vivante Health

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