Failure to launch a BDR team

Failure to Launch BDR Team

Failure to Launch a BDR Team

Matthew McCantcloseadeal finds himself in a bit of a bind. He's just been told by the CEO and board of investors he needs to build a BDR team by the end of the quarter. Right as he starts looking for candidates, he sees a headline pop up about "The Great Resignation." And a new thought emerges: What if I just "retire" early? Go live with my parents. Fish. No stress. His parents are happy to see him... but they don't exactly love the plan. So, they set up a meeting with SJP (Seller Jessica Parker) who has a proven approach for how to launch a BDR team fast and effectively without requiring too much time from the VP of Sales. Will Seller Jessica Parker save the day? Will Matthew McCantcloseadeal build a team in time? Or will this be a "Failure to Launch a BDR Team?"

Failure to launch a BDR team

Posted by Sales Empowerment Group on Feb 13, 2022 5:40:03 PM

VP of Sales trying to launch a BDR team in a matter of months. He almost gives up until he meets a sales expert who introduces him to SEG.

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