[On-Demand Webinar] Crushing SQL Targets with your BDR Team: How Aligning Sales and Marketing Bolsters Pipeline

Sales and marketing efforts rarely grow at the same time or same pace. In some instances, marketing comes first and the company tries to figure out, "Alright, now what do we do with these new leads?" Other times the outbound sales efforts come first and marketing tries to keep up with new content. In both scenarios, sales and marketing operate in different arenas and the efforts aren't always aligned. In this webinar, Jason Torgler (Chief Revenue Officer at A-LIGN) shares how to bring these efforts together to accelerate new business growth. In this (virtual) fireside chat, Brian O’Neil (CEO of Sales Empowerment Group) and Mark Tack (Project-Based CMO) dig in to Jason's experience growing revenue via sales and marketing's efforts working together.