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Discussing Accelerating Revenue Growth with Businessolver’s Dave Moore



Dave Moore, Senior VP of North American Sales for Businessolver on accelerating revenue growth.


Q: How do you think about revenue growth at Businessolver?

A: It’s about responsible revenue growth, which means it’s a balance between growing at the right pace and achieving our goals. Growth needs to be planned and intentional. Revenue growth should be exciting and should benefit your customers.


Q: How do you achieve that balance?

A: We have a tightly aligned management team and we rely on each other to manage expectations on what we expect our growth rate to be each year. We operate in both short- and long-range strategic planning cycles that allow us to be agile and nimble, yet stay ahead of the market trends.


Q: What are your most important levers for accelerating revenue growth?

A: Appropriately assessing the markets and segments we want to serve and ensuring we have our resources focused on the right activities. Another lever is ensuring our demand generation programs are fully aligned to our customer's buying journey. Take our content strategy , for example. Our content needs to be focused on helping our customers think differently about their programs to deliver actionable insight that they can apply quickly.


Q:What is the secret to creating good content?

A: First, you need to truly understand the types of buyers you engage. Content needs to be very specific to the individual's buying persona. I n today’s landscape, there are several generations in the workforce that all bring their unique perspective to the table. One size doesn’t fit all. It’s also important to be in the right channels – we need to be where our buyers go to get fresh and innovative ideas.


Q: How do the sales and marketing teams work together at Businessolver?

A: We have a shared responsibility, so we need to have a “no ego” mindset. We are effectively driving towards the same outcome. We don’t succumb to the age-old adage of sales and marketing don’t get along. We don’t clash over who generated a lead, because in the end we are dependent on each other. The motion between marketing and sales is imperative for continued success.


Q: How would you describe an ideal prospect for your business?

A: I’m not sure there is a one size fits all or ideal prospect. Leveraging data and segmentation allows us to identify and understand our best prospects. What is our buyer’s persona – what ERP or HCM are they using? Are they using a competitor? How many employees are in their organization? Once we understand these data points we can develop a meaningful sales strategy.


Q: What key insight have you learned and applied to improve your sales process?

A: Listen to your customers and make sure you are appropriately building a sales process that focuses on the customer. They are the only ones who matter . If your customers can’t connect the value of the service you’re offering, they’ll go somewhere else in search of it. It’s your job to align with the customer.


Q: What does your sales enablement roadmap look like in 2019?

A: Education, education, and more education. We are going to continue to focus on having the most well-trained sales force in the business. 


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Written by Geoff Kehoe