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BDR/SDR Outbound Victories - November

One of our BDRs, Natalie, will be hired away this month after being on her account for less than two months. The exciting and unique twist is that the Client had a role in customer service open up and despite Natalie being in a sales role currently, they realized she would be a perfect fit based off the qualities she has shown during her time here with SEG. Right off the bat, this BDR was very process oriented, adaptable, empathetic, and always actively listening to the customer. Natalie will begin with them full time this Thursday and is thrilled to officially join their team!

This also serves as a great lesson and reminder to always be yourself and bring your talents to the table and naturally, the opportunities will follow!

Success Story #2

Ryan was promoted off last week to an augmented reality company after great success here for over 8 months of BDR work. He was a single BDR without teammates and shared with the company last Friday in his interview some great advice about how to pace yourself and run your own book of business with only the client and SEG to lean on.  Ryan also shared that having the right attitude, work ethic and daily plan helped him achieve his goals. Ryan also set and ran meetings with many household names like Dairy Queen, IBM and many others, and is a great example of what we look for in a BDR.  He also won our SEG Top Gun award in September.   

Success Story #3

Ethan was promoted off November 1st to a Religious leadership training and bible studies SaaS platform.  Ethan did full cycle sales and closed many deals for them over the last year here! He moves over with even more responsibilities and will have the chance to grow with this client as they continue to expand into new markets around the country. Great guy, and working with him and his client was a pleasure.

We're proud of the work our BDR/SDRs put in each and every day. Stay tuned for more of these stories on our blog each month! And if you're new to these posts, here's a look back at September and October success stories From the Pit!

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