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BDR/SDR Outbound Victories - October

Shoutout to Molly Chesna who was hired away by our client.

Molly was at SEG for 7 months and since then set over 240 meetings. Our client has created a very large pipeline of business from Molly's efforts and over half a million dollars in closed business. She's a rockstar!!

And one of our current BDRs had an incredible month in September. He set 49 meetings, ran 40 of them and closed 3 deals! He was bringing so much success that they trained him to start selling another one of their products. He continuously received shoutouts on companywide calls from upper management and positive feedback from all their reps on the quality of meetings he was setting. He is a rockstar to say the least!

We're proud of the work our BDR/SDRs put in each and every day. Stay tuned for more of these stories on our blog each month! And if you're new to these posts, here's a look back at September's success stories.

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