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January Newsletter

Posted by Sales Empowerment Group on Jan 13, 2022 | Updated on 01/16/22 8:29 PM

Team Dynamix is Here!

Thrilled to announce our new sales assessment software. Team Dynamix helps B2B companies better structure their sales teams, decide who to hire (or move around), and align each person in a role that best fits their sales DNA. Check it out! You can also book a demo here or via the button below.

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From the Pit: December Success


Our sales managers share a few recent success stories from their team of BDR/SDRs to close out 2021. 

Latest Happenings

All-Star Alums - Mykhal and Jillian (2)

We interviewed two of our All-Star alums, Mykhal Suide and Jillian Laughlin. They shared about their experiences at SEG, what the training program was like, and what lessons they took with them to the "big leagues." 

Here's a clip below. You can access the full conversation here in our latest blog post


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Lattes with Lisa


Full Cut - YouTube - Lattes with Lisa - Episode 1 (1)

A fast-paced, highly caffeinated interview series hosted by Lisa Carrel featuring inspiring leaders like:

Grant Bramley

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Andrew Sykes

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Tony Wilkins

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New eBook!


Outsourcing a BDRSDR Team-2

Most common ways to build a BDR/SDR team: Doing everything in-house or hiring outside recruiters.

But there's a 3rd option. The "outsourced model" is where you turn to an organization to recruit, train, and manage your BDR/SDR team. This eBook shares the pros and cons of each approach.

You can download the eBook here or by clicking on the cover image above. 

News & Helpful Insights


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